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Maxi Trusso & Cayman. How to create a global music hit

Maxi Trusso an extraordinary singer and  global citizen is a real electronic music artist. Maxi lived in England during the 90’s where he felt in love with the world of music and fashion. During 1998 he created a very famous electropop duo, Roy Vedas with Frank Di Mauro. During that time with the legendary Mercury Records made the single “Fragments of Life”, a musical hit that The Face (Music Magazine) selected as one of the best songs of the decade. The song was number one in the music  charts in England, Greece, Turkey, Denmark among other European countries.

While living in London, Mr Trusso developed a technology called the auto-tune, that was used for the production of the song “Believe”by Cher. Believe has been the top selling female single song of all times in the history of the UK.

After several music hits in Latin America and albums like “Leave me and cry”, “Love gone”and “Please Me, in 2014 Maxi Trusso produced the album SOS. He described the album as a cocktail designed including electro-pop, country, R&B, Drum&Bass and Funk.

Along with Alberto Echegaray Guevara (Cayman) they produced the song “Nothing at all” making a video in global locations including: Rome, Venezia, New York, London and several cities in Latin America. The song has more than 6 million downloads on iTunes and has been a musical hit. During 2014, MTV selected Maxi Trusso as  a nominee for the MTV European Awards for the category of  best latin american artist. “Nothing at all “video music showcase the artist  Cayman and the concept behind the Moneyball.

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Maxi and Cayman are working together in the development of a new album and a new concept where contemporary art & Music and technology can be combined  in order to create a new kind of rhythms  and sounds. Also they have been in contact with top singers in the US and Europe in order to create a global synergy for their next music album.

Nothing at all – Maxi Trusso & Cayman